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Lemonwood Soap Company is the (ad)venture of husband and wife team Crystal Guffey and Steve Mullins. While Crystal is hard at work in the studio formulating new recipes and creative designs for body and bath products, Steve is hard at work building the business and dreaming up marketing strategies.

Products are handmade with the best quality materials in mind. Whenever possible, ingredients are locally and conscientiously sourced.

Crystal Guffey: Soap Maker

Spending time as a child on my grandparents northern Ohio farm (yes, they made soap too!) cultivated my passion for nature and all things handmade. After receiving my master’s degree in fine arts from the University of Cincinnati, I felt compelled to remember my roots and the simplicities of life. So, I discovered a different creative pursuit that was once a necessity of farm life and made use of materials found on there – soap making! This creative process and practical (yet, luxurious) product has brought joy to my life. I can only hope my products bring that same joy and luxurious experience to you!

Steven Mullins: Soap Maker

Crystal and I have always wanted to have our own business together, but really didn’t know what, when or how. But as soon as Crystal discovered the joy of soap making we knew that we found the what. The how has been the difficult part. While Crystal has the creativity and knowledge of Soap Making and I have a background in website development and design, neither of us knew much about running a business. So after many hours researching, asking friends and family and a little professional help we now know the when is now. We are so excited for our adventure of Lemonwood Soap Company and can’t wait to share our wonderful products with you!

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